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Fashion and Lifestyle Photoshoot with Naty Ashba

In this photoshoot with Naty Ashba we show some of the best winter trends for 2017-2018 season. The whole shoot has a rock chic look full of contrasts and style.

Make up:  Get Ready Agency | Photography: Martina Zando Professional Photographer Las Vegas | Model and Stylist: Naty Ashba - Visit Naty's Website for more advice on Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty |


For the first look we have a Boudoir outfit, super sexy overall mesh dress with hearts and even a hood, dark underwear and studded high heels. The low neck of the shoe gives heights and elegance, while the hoods gives a contrasting casual and challenging tone. If you read any of my other posts and advice on boudoir, you will know that I love working with transparent materials for that sensual see-don’t see impression. 


Up next is the bohemian skirt. The colors fade from black to grey to white. When paired with aggressive heavy boots and a renegade studded leather jacket this is a killer combo.

Moving away from the blacks for a bit, the metallic shiny skirt is to be worn high waisted. Paired with a low bralette and  matching silver shiny boots. The silver is a touch of shine against the dark winter days.


We played with the combinations of long bohemian floaty skirt with dark, shiny military boots and a leather bra. How many different black materials could we combine together? The contrast did not disappoint. 


For the final look a tulle grey skirt and the studded high heel are the most chic and feminine look yet, especially when recombined with the studded jacket. 


The hair is messy, in line with the desert windy look, and dark for the winter season. The black smoky make up complements the rock look, while the matted neutral color lip gloss, as always, our favorite from MAC cosmetics, gives a touch of color without making the look to ‘heavy’. 

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