How to make your photoshoot more fun

Naty_Ashba desert sunset Photoshoot near Las Vegas
Naty Ashba playing with the wind
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My photoshoots are not just about the pictures, they are an experience! I want my clients to feel relaxed and have fun! So what does it take? No matter if it is for a portrait session or boudoir, fashion or lifestyle, individual or group photo, here are some tips to make your photoshoot more fun! 

1 Prepare for it

Preparation is important. When you give yourself time to sort out the details a few days before, you can arrive at the shoot relaxed and not rushing around. 


2 play your fav music 

Music evokes feeling, emotions and helps us find the right mindset for the shoot. Bring your music along and play it - or ask the photographer to play it - during the shoot. 


3 move!

Do not be afraid to move! Natural movement is beautiful in photos. Instead of just rigid poses, take a scarf, a prop, a hat, a skirt to play with and move. If you feel like your face is becoming stiff, have a little dance around. It will help loosen up! 


4 find a photographer who you trust

When you like and trust someone, it is much easier to relax. You can let go and enjoy the shoot, without being worried of the results. 


5 be a little silly 

No matter how serious your shoot is, you can always laugh and be a little silly! 


6 bring a friend

You can plan a photoshoot with a friend. Do the photoshoot in Las Vegas together, share the experience! Or tell your best friend to come along for moral support and to help you out. 


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