Surprise Wedding Proposal at Red Rock | Las Vegas Engagement Photographer

Las Vegas Surprise Wedding Proposal at Red Rock | Las Vegas Couple Photographer

Logan contacted me to learn more about Las Vegas photoshoot locations for a Wedding proposal. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Kelsey, with an engagement in a desert landscape on the first day of their trip. He also wanted a Las Vegas photographer to capture the wedding proposal as a surprise! I was extremely excited to be part of their story. 

To keep the mission secret, Logan and I agreed on all the details before they flew to Las Vegas and we met straight after they landed here in Nevada. I suggested a short hike to gain a viewpoint of Red Rock Canyon and posed as a normal hiker at our meeting spot. This way I ‘guided’ them by walking in front of the couple and at the top of the hill Longan stopped with Kelsey to look at the view and ‘pop’ he dropped to one knee and presented her the ring!

With the zoom lens I was able to capture the moment of the wedding proposal with the stunning mountain backdrop. Kelsey was so excited she hardly noticed me or the fact that I was now a portrait photographer rather than a landscape photographer. After a few minutes of excitement and tenderness Logan explained to Kelsey what was happening: he had brought a change of dress and shoes for her to complete the engagement photoshoot in. Kelsey changed out of her hiking outfits and wore a very feminine, bohemian style long dress. We continued the session with some couple’s portraits, without surprises! 

Despite the heat, everything went well and Kelsey and Logan continued the rest of their vacation in Nevada and the South West as a newly engaged couple. 

Congratulations Kelsey and Logan!