Autumn Yoga and Lifestyle Photoshoot with Kris Blunt

Desert Lifestyle and Yoga Photoshoot 

Las Vegas desert lifestyle photographer 

Kris Blunt is a yoga instructor in Las Vegas and founder of For this photoshoot we went outdoors to capture some yoga poses, but especially the yoga lifestyle and the "interior" process of yoga: looking inwards and calming the mind. We hiked some of the stunning desert scenery here in our back yard in Las Vegas to find yellow leaves and an autumn feel, desert photography at its best for the season. The outdoor environment contributed even more to give that sense of calm that Kris was looking for. 


For Kris’ photoshoot theme we mixed yoga and boho to give images with color that pop in the sunshine and against the mountains. With the winter approaching it was also a good idea to have a mixer of fitness and yoga outfits, long sleeve tops ensured there images were seasonally relevant. In all Kris wore many colorful clothing and athletic outfits. We started with a bohemian top and carried on with athletic outfits that were a bit more yoga specific. We finished with a desert style casual jeans and wrap top. We felt inspired by the desert

Desert photography in the autumn is fantastic providing you can find right locations. When possible the places with autumnal leaves and red desert landscape are perfect because the yellow in the trees complements perfectly the red of the desert.

I love to capture my ‘models’ (in photographic term the model is the person being photographed, no matter if he or she is an actual professional model or not) in the middle of beautiful desert scenery and complement the beauty of the human form with natural features. 

These images aim to capture the fun personality but also Kris’s introspection and yoga journey, while also being useful as her personal branding photos.

So here we are relaxing with some Yoga poses and Savasana between yellow leaves, what more would you want?!

You can find Kris Blunt Yoga at her website