Interview on Boudoir and Beauty Photoshoots with Las Vegas Blogger, Naty Ashba

Advice on Boudoir and Beauty Photoshoots by Las Vegas Blogger, Naty Ashba

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In between the beautiful Christmas decorations I met Naty Ashba, lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger based in Las Vegas. Since we both speak Italian, we connected and we are doing various  photoshoots together. While Naty has done many photoshoots in her life, this interview is meant as tips and suggestions for women who have never done a boudoir, beauty or even a portrait photoshoot before. 

Nathalia talks about the term Boudoir and how she never heard of it before: "boudoir is so much different from all the other photoshoots I have done". "It is not vulgar, but it allows to show the sensuality of the body". She continues: " I felt save having a female photographer and an all female team" and "getting papered with Hair and Make up before the shoot was the best!"

I asked Naty to give some advice to women that are feeling worried about the photoshoot because of some extra pounds, looks etc. Her answer was great: "each of us are perfect in all our imperfections, we need to embrace our bodies at any age and any shape because your skin is all you got!"

Thank you Nathalia for sharing your thoughts on boudoir and beauty photoshoots. Here are some images from her personalized photo session. 

You can read more advice on style, beauty and more in Naty's website