Las Vegas Business Branding Photoshoots

Martina Zando Photography | Las Vegas Photographer, NV

Branding Images for Professionals and Businesses 

As a new business you need a website, social media accounts, promotional materials and many, many images to go with it all. Relaying on stock photography can hurt your business and make it lack an authentic feeling.  It is really important to have a good variety of professional photos to show your work, your interaction with clients and your personality. 

When planning a Business or Personal Branding Photoshoot session I look at the business as a wholes to suggest the best photoshoot style and moods that will match the rest of the branding. A pre-consultation is very important to discuss all these aspects of the shoot with my prospective clients.

So how do you plan a Professional Photoshoot for your work? These are some of the main points to consider when planning a Professional branding photoshoot:

  1. Think about the overall style of your business and target market. Is it a young or more mature audience? Is it serious or light hearted?
  2. What best represents your brand and image? Is it a person, a location? Once we know this we can better plan a shoot centered around the important aspect of the business. 
  3. What are the colors associated with your brand? Can we incorporate them into the photoshoot for a coherent look? 
  4. Are the images for social media or for a website? Different social medias require unique formats and shape. Professional photographers should take this in consideration for post production cropping and framing.
  5. How often will you take photos again? More variety of outfits and looks will give more scope for posting through the year, in hot and cold weather, for seasonal changes. 

If you find it difficult or are not sure how to style a photoshoot,  a stylist can help you pick outfits and looks that will be best suited to you and your business. An extra pair of eyes can be invaluable to get a new take on your look. 

If you are wondering if there are good spots for photos around Las Vegas the answer is yes!. I am lucky that as a Las Vegas photographer there are plenty of spots near me in and around town, in the beautiful outdoors and always  in my studio if you want to be flexible for a variety of looks or its just to hot outside.

As you can see from the images below, I photographed Amber Cherveny, an Exercise Therapist based in here Las Vegas. We chose blue and teal tones, her favorite colors, for a coherent look with her every day presence. The bright natural light gives a clean, clear professional look. Working in fitness outfits means that the photos need to be similar, showing how she interacts with patients. I photographed her with her work tool, a tower for spinal adjustment, yoga blocks and yoga mat and also while teaching exercises. Prospective clients like to see the Professional at work, there is now even a dedicated space for this kind of image in Google My Business. 

Changing from the studio to another photoshoot location near me, we captured some outdoor fitness photos to show that Amber is not only professional, but also that she follows her own advice and keeps fit and active. 

When looking at the pictures  I immediately feel a sense of trust towards Amber, her smile gives me a sense of her radiant personality. Amber is friendly and open, her Portraits are beautiful and casual yet assured of her confidence and professionalism. Her job is amazing, in fact she helps fight chronic pain through posture alignment therapy at Egoscue here in Las Vegas NV. She helps to cure people through exercise and physical therapy rather than medication. I wish Amber all the best in the pursuit of her work and career!