5 Reasons to have a Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist for your Photoshoot 

5 Reasons why you should hire a professional  make up artist for your Photoshoot 


From the point of you of the photographer, the make up artists and hair stylists plays a huge role. They really create a beautiful, professional and stunning look and they relax you in their transformation chair! 

I would always recommend their professionalism and artistic eye to emphasize your best feature and eliminate any ”bad hair days”.  Here are the top 5 reasons to choose professional hair and make up:


1. Make up and Hair Specific to Photography

There are some tricks of the trade that my make up artists know very well. When I photograph your face goes from 3D to a 2D images. What might look very strong make up in person is just right for photography. The Make up artist knows what will make your eyes, lips and cheek bones pop beautifully in the photos, even if we photograph in low light or on diverse angles. 


2. Makes you more relaxed 

Hiring a make up artist avoids stress for you. You can just arrive with a pony tail and a clean face and let us do the rest. A photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to relax and make it a day just for yourself. 


3. Enhances your features

Big curls? Contouring? They are the experts and they will know what works best for you! They know face shapes, eyes colors and what will be more suited to each one. Don’t forget to ask lots of questions so you can have a private mini class, if you are interested. 


4. No smudging, burns and glue disasters

If you are like me and don’t often indulge in make up or hair styles, when it is time to pick up the iron or the mascara, invariably there is some disaster! The make up artist and stylist will get rid of any issue!


5. Make up and Hair lasting the whole shoot… and more

Photoshoots can be quite long and demanding, sometimes making you sweat, drying you outside in the wind or smudging some make up in between the outfit changes. The make up artist and stylist applies the make up and hair style so that it lasts for the shoot and eve after!


I recommend booking a dinner after your shoot or an outing with your girlfriends to make the most of looking gorgeous after your session. 


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