Best summer hair color ideas | Las Vegas Boudoir and Portrait Photography

Best summer hair color ideas | Lifestyle Photography Las Vegas NV

We have seen a definite trend in the Spring and Summer 2018: neon color hair, super bright tones, vintage styles and metallic looks. 

Could it be that wigs will be the next big accessory? I hope not, that would be way to hot to wear in the Las Vegas summer! That said, I do think that brightly coloured hair, when done correctly, can be both sexy and sophisticated. 

Here in Vegas and on the Strip I saw everything from bright blue and turquoise through to greens and yellows. Platinum is the new blond of the summer, shining in the sun with beautfil metallic reflections. 

Here are some photos of beautiful ladies and their colorful hair that I had the pleasure of photographing this season. I absolutely love them! I asked what the trick is to keeping the color so vibrant and deep: infrequent and cold washes. That is hard in the Las Vegas heat, but I think you'll agree from the photos, the results and the look are worth it.

My tips for anyone looking to make the most of their beautifully colored hair this summer would be to get in touch with a great photographer and book a boudoir or lifestyle shoot that will capture who you really are. Also to ensure that you get the color refreshed in the week prior to the shoot.  

Local Las Vegas Blogger, Naty Ashba, posing in my Studio in Summerlin with her metallic hair.