Celebrating International Women’s Day with Smiles

Happy International Women's Day! 

March 8th is International Women's Day (IWD), a day of celebration for the economic, cultural and social achievement of women worldwide. 

Established in the early 20th century, a time of great development and radical ideologies, it is a day that calls men and women around the world to action, to achieve gender parity and promote numerous gender based initiatives. There is no one central organization that is in charged with Women’s day but rather each NGO, women's group and association chooses and promotes their causes. IWD should not be mistaken for a purely feminist effort: it is a collective event for all that care about human rights. 

A celebration of IWD for me, means the smiles of my females clients. Through photography I aim to capture the inner confidence of every woman through boudoir, portrait and lifestyle photoshoots. 

My ambition, when photographing people, is to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera and deliver a product that will enhance their confidence. A good corporate photoshoot captures an image of strength and self-assurance, which is very powerful in conjunction with the professional skills of that person. A photograph gives a first impression far stronger than that of any word. 

You know by now that I'm passionate about Boudoir Photography. This form of sensual and intimate photography is challenging for many women, as they can feel intimidated about the idea of exposing themselves. When women start to think about a photoshoot, and speak to me about their hopes and aspirations, I can see the bravery that is takes to book the shoot and I want work with that and enhance it. Through the photoshoot they may really be surprised by their beauty, gain self-belief and thus more confidence in themselves. 

We are influenced by the media and see an unrealistic version of beauty.  Women worry about their bodies and their imperfections, girls grow up with a distorted idea of what is beautiful. We need to regain confidence in our bodies and that will help our minds too, our self-assurance, our productivity and our belief in ourselves! 

Through boudoir photography I wish to help women feel more confident with their bodies, no matter if they are thin, tall, short or curvy. Laughter and fun is such an important part of the photoshoot too! There is no greater beauty than a woman who is smiling and believes she is beautiful! 

I celebrate IWD with Photographs of women’s smiles that I captured during the past year here in Las Vegas. 

You can celebrate IWD in your own way: promote gender equality initiatives, involve men in gender issues and raise awareness about prejudice. You can find your own version of IWD!

Happy 8th of March to all women, you are beautiful and strong.