A personal app to share your images

As part of some of my photoshoot packages I include a unique way to share our photos. I can offer you a classy, amazing solution for photo sharing: a personal app! The app will have your name and your photo on the home screen of any device. You can share it with friends and through social media. Alternatively you can have a password on it to keep it just for few. I love it and so do my clients! 

Click here to see an example of app

Here is how the personal app works: 

This App allows you to share and post your images on social media and directly with friends. It is fast and easy to use. Once you have the link to your app:

Click on the link

Insert Password (if you requested it)

Download it to your mobile device

Make sure you open it in Safari or other browser, not on email or Facebook browsers

Click on “Add to Home Screen”

You can rename the app if you wish

Enjoy - Watch it - Share it - Repeat!   

The Personal App is available with selected photoshoot packages. Ask me about it! 

Thank you so much.