A team makes us stronger

How many times did you wish... "oh if I just had somebody to help me with this...". This is the reason people hire personal coaches, others join groups and others still enjoy team sports.

Before being a full time photographer I was a school teacher, surrounded by students and colleagues at all times. Sure the day to day job is done alone, or almost, in the classroom but there are always other teachers and assistants there for help and support. 

In Las Vegas I started my photography business. At first I did not notice this issue, but after a couple of months I realized a problem I was suffering with this job: loneliness. I work from home, for the most part alone. Of course I have the contact with the hair and make up artists, with the clients on photoshoots, consultations and reveals, but this is only a small fraction of what I do. 

I consider myself very lucky to have found a great team to work with! Through rock climbing I met a lot of new great friends in Las Vegas, including Mckenzi and Matt. Mckenzi is photographer and owner of Taylored Photo Memories. Matt is a great videographer, photographer and climber. We all share a passion for the outdoors, the observation of nature, climbing and the art of photography.

I will be the boudoir photographer for Taylored Photo Memories. I am really looking forward to our future collaborations and to the work together!