Lifestyle Beauty Photoshoot in Las Vegas

Kasia is a professional Swimmer, twice Olympian. She is training for 2020 already and when I mentioned the Olympics she became extremely serious. If you want to learn more about Kasia you can read her interview in this blog post.

I wanted to portray the other side of the tough, strong athlete and swimmer with a Lifestyle and Beauty Photoshoot, letting the hair loose in the wind and using the nice natural light from my studio to emphasise all the beauty features. With my all female team, I always strive to make my clients comfortable and enjoying the photoshoots and I love to personalise the captures for each person in front of the camera. Kasia wore a great shiny grey dress that was open on the back to show her powerful back, sandals with high laces and a simple black dress with open sides to give more curve to the body on the hip, ideal for athletes. 

I hope that next time we will organise an outdoor lifestyle photoshoot with Kasia, who knows, even maybe in the pool!

Thank you to:

Model: Kasia Wilk and Make up: Ruby Finch Salon, Kylee Vanessa

Photos by Martina Zando Photography, Las Vegas Boudoir, Portrait and Beauty Lifestyle Photographer

@martinazandophotography @wilkkasia, @rubyfinchsalon, @Icantransformyaa