In the press: natural light boudoir shoot for Mulat Mag

Las Vegas Boudoir Photography | Natural light Boudoir

Part 2 of Life and Loss in MulatMag Magazine is out! Instead of the Las Vegas Strip, this time we shot these images in my studio in Summerlin, just with natural light. With lots of white in both the photos and the decor, few outfits and a just one rose we wanted to work on emotions and evoking thoughts, mixing sensuality, elegance and beauty. Boudoir meets editorial for this boudoir photoshoot in Las Vegas.

I shot this while still very injured from my climbing accident and I am very proud of the results, considering I could hardly move and see only out of one eye! It must have been strange for the model and the make  up artist to see the boudoir photographer looking more like a boxer.

In the photoshoot I used the latest decoration in my studio, a fantastic one piece mirror my husband got for me in the art gallery of Karyn Gabaldon in Durango, Colorado. 

Thank you for all your help Gladice and Katrina and to MulatMag for the article.

Model: Katrina May Armenta

MUA: Gladice Salcedo

Magazine: MulatMag and MulatModa

You can see the full article here: Life and Loss part 2 MulatMag