9 Tips on how to plan your boudoir photoshoot

How to plan your boudoir photoshoot

  1.  Choose a photographer whose style you like. 

  2.  Pick a location you like. Indoor or outdoors ? What do you prefer and what is your passion? I am happy to travel for shoots in cool locations and capture some amazing spots, so just ask if you have a thought in mind. You can also see a guide on locations near Las Vegas here. 

  3. Choose your favorite colors. They will make you feel better and make you enjoy the shoot more! I always say preparation is a big part of the shoot. I was totally underprepared for my on-location shoot in Belize and it did not help with my feeling of worry. The best you prepare before the shoot, the more confident you will arrive at the appointment.

  4. Get Inspired! Find photos you love for inspirations, famous people, actresses etc. whose style you love.  

  5. Bring some meaningful accessories to create that connection and to make your images evenmore meaningful. Your partner shirt, your sport team top, a musical instrument, a token etc.  

  6. Stretch before the shoot. We need to create curves for boudoir shoots and that requires moving and stretching the body in ways we don’t normally do. Some stretching and yoga before the shoot could help avoid being sore the next day! 

  7. Let the photographer guide you. Often what feels like an awkward pose looks amazing in camera. Through experience and lots of practice I know how to pose my clients for the most flattering results.  Having been on the other side of the camera, I realised just how uncomfortable and awkward some poses feel. Remember: what feels weird, looks good!

  8. Treat yourself to professional hair and make up. It makes a very big difference and also help you to relax before the shoot. Use the boudoir photoshoot as a time for yourself to relax and have a good time. 

  9. Enjoy it! This is meant to be fun! It is not something you will do often, so take the opportunity as and adventure and a new, exciting experience. Go with it!