Indoor Locations 

photo Studio

I have a private and comfortable studio with natural light for boudoir photoshoots and portraits.  Perfect for: the first time boudoir shoot and portrait sessions. The studio is located in South Summerlin, Las Vegas. 

boudoir and beauty 


portrait sessions, headshots and modeling shoots

Indoor shoots in studio with either natural light or strobe lights. 

hotel rooms and suites

What better way to treat yourself than to book  a nice hotel room on the Strip and to use it for a beautiful photoshoot?! Please note that most hotels do not allow photoshoots in lobbies and especially never in the casinos.  

Perfect for: Bachelorettes parties and Couples

private residence 

If you or a friend has a photgenic residence I am happy to photograph there. I require a pre-shoot visit to check suitability.  

Perfect for: Luxury home owners / second time boudoir shoots

Outdoor Photoshoot locations

near Red Rocks and calico basin 

There are numerous amazing spots in Red Rock.  To reach the locations we can to walk between 5 minutes and 1 hour. This amazing image required a half an hour walk. Some other locations are as close as 5 minutes walk and offer trees and greenery. The rocks vary greatly too: from grey to deep red. The exact location will depend on your preference.



Dry Lake Beds

Martina Zandonella - Evie Fire-17.jpg

Between 40 and 50 minutes south of Las Vegas there are fantastic dry lake beds for a unique desert look for your pictures. They give a beautiful natural reflection and lots of space. It is possible to bring props to add to the images. 

Nostalgia Resources and Dogwood Rentals can provide packages with props and furniture for outdoor photoshoots. 



Mnt. Charlesont -kyle and lee canyons

40/50 minutes north of Las Vegas we can quickly drive from 4000 ft (1200 m), to 8000 ft (2400m) and with the height comes the temperature drop! Even when town is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature on the mountain ranges between  75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit! It is the perfect location for summer shoots or for snowy portraits! 



Nelson landing

 An hour south of Las Vegas, Nelson is an old mining town, now ghost town with numerous old cars, barns and even a fallen small plane! It is an ideal place for an old time desert feel.  The permit for photoshoots here is very reasonable.

Nostalgia Resources and Dogwood Rentals can provide packages with props and furniture for outdoor photoshoots. 




Lake Las Vegas 

Take a mini trip to Lake Las Vegas for an European feel and some water! 



Floyd Lamb park

Green, with lakes and with  horses available for rent for a shoot! Find out more in this blog post. 



the strip

The casinos do not allow any photography inside but we can photography on the Strip itself, outside the buildings. 


downtown las vegas 

There is a lot of choice between roof tops, painted walls, and murales. Let's talk about what is meaningful and right for you!



the Neon Museum

A fantastic historical location for a true Vegas photoshoot. A 30 minute private slot permit for a photoshoot starts at $500. 



Kelso sand dunes, California

For an incredible desert look, the dunes are magical. About 1 and a half hours from Las Vegas. Read more on this blog post.



On location photoshoots - i travel! 

I love photoshoots in new locations and I am happy to travel! Just contact me with your idea for a destination photoshoot. 

Want to know more? Get in touch for information and quotes.