An edgy and colorful fitness photoshoot

Lifestyle and Fitness Photoshoot session in Las Vegas 

Ideas for a Fitness Photo Session By Martina Zando Photography

Fitness Photoshoot are fun to personalize for each athlete. For JalynJ we wanted something edgy to show strength and character of a female athlete boxer, but also color for some pop.

Large gyms are great to reduce the ambient light and work only with strobes. At Iron Addict LV, the owner kindly let me turn off the light to get maximum darkness in the room, while lighting up only the athlete.

Edgy and colorful here it is, the magic is to use mist and light it with colorful lights, in this case purple and blue. The use of the rope and kettle bell as props makes the photo more realistic I think. 

For bar pull ups we went simple with one strobe and a second in teal star burst effect. Similarly I could blast the wall with color to get a cool reflection in the mirror or an edgy background for some of the images. 

The black and white fitness photos are bug favorites. The skin shines as if made of silver and the muscles are very well defined, thanks to the strip lights on both sides. 

Finally I wanted Jay to have some boxing photos. To give the impression of the movement I went for a double exposure with more colorful lights to the wall. We had colorful and we had edgy in this Las Vegas Fitness photoshoot. 

Model: Jalynj

Photographer: Martina Zandonella

Assistant: Anna MacLeod

Gym: Iron Addicts LV