Styles for beauty portrait photoshoots: romantic bohemian 


There are many styles you can choose for a personalised and classy photoshoot. One of these styles is a romantic bohemian style, or boho-chic. The essence of bohemian style if free floaty dresses, flowers and other elements of nature and a focus on other materials such as leather and silk. We loved this shoot because we were able to incorporate cream color and ivory outfits with a peachy flawless makeup by Tirza Grant makeup of @Getreadyagency. We chose a mix of silk outfits and light floaty skirt with a cropped top, perfect for a summer look. Bohemian style should give the impression of ease and care free, so why not add some movement to the skirt too and some fun! 

Sara from @Cultivategoods prepared a beautiful bouquet with white and peach color roses and soft tones of green. If you are getting married, using a bouquet is a nice touch to symbolize the upcoming wedding, instead of the veil. Incorporating some roses is always classic and timeless, plus the smell can relax you and let you day dream! Contrasting the harsh rocky backdrop with the beautiful flowers and with the vintage chair seemed the perfect juxtaposition for this photoshoot. 

Next up was an outfit with a silky outfit, which was nice to shoots on white leather and in the half shade of the room. We paired it with jewelry from @desertdaisyjewelry. The Crystals are shiny, timeless and gives a boho chic look, with yet another contrasting material. Often in shoots my clients want to change many different looks and they may forget to change the jewelry or it may be too time consuming, so having a beautiful classical set that will pair well with many outfits is a smart move. 

We shot this bohemian photoshoot during a very overcast day, quite rare in Las Vegas; overcast and cloudy days are amazing for portraits but indoor there is not as much natural light as during a sunny day. I added some artificial light with strobes outside the window to give the impression that it was coming from the sun. The results with the deep shadows gave even more depth and texture to the images, perfect for the look I was aiming for. I absolutely love the results and I thank Lily for being so fun and for allowing me to capture a beautiful connection with her and some stunning images. Thanks to all the other gifted ladies 

@Tirzagrantmakeup , @getreadyagency, @Cultivategoods, @desertdaisyjewelry