Don’t make the same mistakes as me!

What I have learned from my personal portrait photoshoot

Martina Zando, Las Vegas Photographer, on the other side of the camera


I am normally standing behind the camera. Every now and again I challenge myself by being in front of it to feel as my models and clients do. 

I spend a great amounts of time and energy advising and preparing my clients about outfits and preparations for their dream shoots. Of course I failed to take my own advice. I had not been very well in the days before so lots of work had piled up and I was rushed, but I realize that this is a very common excuse!


First issue: I had not planned my outfits and I was rushing until the last minute. Some prior planning would have been so much better. 


Second: Pampering myself. I see this as a burden most of the time, but when I do take the time out  for it it becomes relaxing and fun. A nice bath followed by body lotion is a fantastic way to unwind and relax before a shoot. Needless to say I did neither.


Third: Hair and make up. I find it so stressful! Until the last minute I was trying to fix my hair and rush my makeup. With professional make up artists, which I recommend to all my clients, the pre-shoot becomes relaxing and the shoot will provide great results. 


Fourth: Worrying about the images. Why? seriously? David is a fantastic photographer, he has photographed thousands of people. Of course the images will turn out amazingly! The best way of finding a photographer you trust is by having seeing their work before. If you aren’t happy with the photos they have taken of other, you are less likely to love the photos they take of you.


Fifth: Posing. Photographers know how to pose their subjects, I was worried about the poses I was making and it took me a little while to listen to David’s instructions. Only models need to pose themselves. Talented photographers will always find the best angles and poses for the person being photographed. Trust them!


Photos by David J Crewe