Bright Creativity - A photoshoot with Zzziiiaaa

Last month we organised a photoshoot with Zia, an amazing multimedia artist based in Las Vegas. Zia is well known for her #sharpiesandhighlighters, created entirely with her use of Sharpies to translate complex images in only 8 colors on paper.

We stepped into the photoshoot with an open mind, knowing that we wanted to work with color and possibly water. We looked at some options to melt colors in water for a bright bath result but in the end Zia took with her some bright skin-safe colors, very similar to her highlighters art style. Without a precise plan she started painting on herself and the bright tones swirled on her skin to form crazy patterns. The process was fun and the unexpected. The creativity removed any sense of worry and let us flow in respecting painting and photography. I think that the aspect of fun is extremely important in every photoshoot I do in order for people to relax and to allow their personalities to emerge. 

Working with other artists is a privilege because we share the eye for light, for the human body and for the composition. Here are some of the images from the photoshoot.