5 excuses women find for not having a boudoir photoshoot

Boudoir photography is undoubtedly a luxury, as are many other things that we own or desire: a larger TV screen, a branded handbag, the latest digital technology...  

A Boudoir shoot is definitely not an essential, however it is more than a product: it is an experience.  


If you are reading this article you may have thought of doing a boudoir shoot, but may be finding excuses as to why you should not do it. As boudoir photographers we have heard most of the excuses. Here are the 5 most common:  


I need to lose 10 more pounds  

I have heard this from almost every woman. It might be the modern malaise of an (overly) skinny image of beauty. I always advocate exercise, balanced eating and taking care of oneself, however the 10 pounds will not make the difference. The camera angle, lighting and the right outfits will! I actually feel that it is better to not be at your thinnest ever when you do a shoot. It is better to be your normal beautiful self. You want to look back at the photos and think: see how amazing I look at my normal size and weight. You don’t want the photos to be tinged with the memory of hungry days and nights of starving yourself prior to the shoot.  


I am not photogenic  

That is probably because you have not been photographed by a good photographer! A good photographers job is to find the right angles for you. Don 't be afraid to smile. A woman's smile is beautiful and gives a feeling of confidence.  


I don’t want to pose naked 

Well here is the news: you don't have to! It is entirely up to you and your level of comfort if you will pose naked or not. Sensuality is a personal matter and often the tease and the implied, not actual nudity, is more sexy and mysterious.  


I don't have the right outfits  

This might be the chance to go and get some cool new outfits. Don't think that boudoir has to be expensive lingerie. Your outfits are totally up to you and the options are endless: cut jeans, t-shirts, mens shirts, sport tops, off the shoulder jumpers, cowboy boots and the list goes on… 


It is too expensive  

As we mentioned before a boudoir shoot is a luxury. However it is not only the photos that you will receive, it is the experience you have getting ready for the shoot, overcoming your doubt and fears, posing for it and having some amazing images at the end of it that remind you that yes, you are an amazing woman! It is an investment in yourself and the amazing pictures will stay with you for life.