Happy New Year! Start with Gratitude!



In this time of the year people have made and maybe already broken their New Years ' resolutions. It is all too easy to get back to our bad habits because our body and mind locks into 'auto pilot' mode. To change out of it we need to reset the body, even with just one small action, for example exercising gratitude.


A grateful person realises that he or she did nothing to deserve certain positive things that happened in their life. We think of gratitude as something we have received that we need to say thank you for. The risk is that such "thank you" response becomes automatic. Just as a "how are you?" Has become largely a meaningless question, so thank you has became empty of meaning. Exercising gratitude is a meaningful way of thinking what we have received, what we have in life. It makes us realise even the tiny things that could go unnoticed in every day life and we should instead be grateful for.


For a long time I reflected on religious teachings that say to be thankful to God even in middle of challenging or even horrible events. My own vision brings me no closer to God, but I understand now that sometimes the greatest cause of gratitude are the present challenges we face. Being grateful in such circumstances is an exercise for our future self. The challenges made us likely stronger, more grateful and more compassionate people. Like recurrent marine tides our lives are prone to changes, waves go up and down. The height of our pleasures are bound to decrease and retreat eventually. Gratitude let us transcend the moving tides and live with more love and compassion at high and low points.

Gratitude is a great exercise at all times, but it can be especially useful before a photoshoot. It is a healing strength for the body that fights negative energies of anger, greed and resignation which add nothing good into our lives. You can start by writing down a list of what you feel grateful for. Try to add items to your list the following day, and so on. Consider a couple of the points you have noted and take some time to really reflect on them and 'savour' your gratitude, instead of skimming on such things and get in to the 'autopilot' mode. Really being thankful can stop you feeling sorry for yourself and with this exercise many more positive things can appear in your life. Coming to the photoshoot with a grateful and positive frame of mind will set you right to feel and therefore look more beautiful and confident in the images.