A Preparation Guide to your Portrait Session 

For Ladies


Choose 4 outfits to bring with you at the photoshoot.  They can include:

Martina_Zando_Portrait_Photography_Las Vegas-5.jpg
  • Bright colors blouse/top without patterns
  • Smart / business attire  
  • Smart jacket

Wear something you love and retain your own style. 

Choose clothing with a tapered waist, nothing too baggy 

Cover your shoulders to avoid armpits shots

Try all the outfits before well before the photoshoot and plan a shopping trip if you need something new. 


Informal Clothing


If you want something more informal:

  • Bring a nice dress
  • Choose tops with nice colors 
  • Pick accessories that you like


  • Bring some jewelry if you like, it will help to complement the pictures
  • If you wear glasses bring them with you
  • Hats and scarves are great fun to use during the shoot for a more relaxed, casual look 
  • Bring your work tools if you would like to include them in your photo
  • Have some heels and some comfortable shoes


Make up - Self Made

I would always recommend having professional make up done by a my make up artist, but if that is not possible, here are some tips: 

  • Wear matt makeup; nothing that shines or shimmers. Dab your t-zone with a tissue or facial blotting paper to eliminate shine and dust some powder on your nose
  • Apply concealer and foundation generously, they are important for a flawless look
  • Don’t be afraid to apply your blush and bronzer a little heavier than normal. It will accentuate your cheek bones and give you a healthy glow during the shoot
  • Wear your eye makeup slightly darker than normal, especially around the eyes. A black liner and mascara helps to make your eyes pop in the pictures. You can wear color shades
  • Wear your lipstick a few shades darker than your skin. Without any color, your lips tend to blend right into your face on camera. If you have doubts about the color, start with a lighter lipstick. You can apply a darker or brighter one in the second half of the photoshoot.

Fake lashes — They may not be something you would normally wear, but they can completely transform your eyes in photos. If you have the time and desire apply them. 

  • It is a good idea to apply some body lotion before the shoot to help avoid any dryness that can be accentuated in the photos.



Make up - Professional

I recommend having professional make up in particular if you have difficult skin, are not confident with your make up or are doing a boudoir shoot. 

If we have booked our make up artist for you please come with a clean face and relax into having the make up done for you!



Hair- Self Made

  • Go for volume, volume and more volume and the style you like! 
  • Apply some hair anti-frizz if your hair is very static
  • Avoid last minute drastic coloring changes 


before and after

before and after

Hair- Professional

  • It is generally best not to wash your hair the same morning of the photoshoot. One day before is preferable
  • Have some clips with you to help hold your hair in place  
  • Have an idea in mind for what style you would like



  • Apply some moisturizing cream on your body before the photoshoot 



  • Hands are an important part of a person's image. Apply some hand cream and a nail varnish of your choice, natural tones are preferable.
  • Book a mani cure if you can. 


How to prepare for a Portrait Photoshoot Session 

Martina_Zando_Portrait_Photography_Las Vegas-9.jpg

For Gentlemen


Bring at least 4 outfits. Some options are:

  • Jacket
  • shirt and tie if you use them
  • Poloshirt 
  • Sweater
  • V-neckes (recommended)

Choose a mix of bright and dark colors 

Make sure to try on all the items before the shoot.

Martina_Zando_Portrait_Photography_Las Vegas-7.jpg

Iron the clothing prior to the shoot! I cannot emphasise enough how important this is! 



Come with a clean face. If you would like to have a more flawless look we can book a make up artist for you. 



Hands are an important part of people's image. Moisture them and have a manicure if you wish. 



  • If you are married do not forget your wedding ring!
  • If you wear glasses bring them with you
  • Have any work tools that you would like to show in your pictures 


I  look forward to seeing you at your photoshoot!