How can a boudoir shoot improve women's confidence?

I became passionate about boudoir photography because I saw it as a way of improving women’s confidence. 

I don't won't to say that women in particular have low self-esteem issues. Men can have the same problems and uneasiness with their image. Studies on this topic are inconclusive and difficult to measure, biased also by measurement and questions asked.

However there appear to be a confidence gap between men and women, result of both nature and nurture. Women tend to focus on others before themselves. A boudoir photoshoot is a great opportunity for women to take some time for themselves and that is the first step to belief in self-worth. 

While current young generation of women may start in a better position - see for example positive campaigns for girls that are told they can be anything they want - many women struggle with self esteem. 

I like to compare women’s vision of themselves to a magnifying glass. We tend the be the harshest critics of ourselves and our bodies when instead our boyfriends, husbands and partners love us for who we are, without the high definition glass! 

Even the most beautiful painting has cracks and imperfections when looked very closely but take a couple of steps back... The beautiful representation in is entirety appeared in front of our eyes. 

So how can a boudoir photoshoot improve women's confidence ? Feeling capable, doing something new,  managing independently gives a sense of empowerment. Some examples are: taking a class in unfamiliar subject, trying something new and mastering new skills is a great way to understand that one can manage alone. 

A boudoir photoshoot is, in the same way, an adventure and a new experience. Sometimes it is daunting,  but as it often happens, what is more difficult to achieve can also be more rewarding and can lead to self -improvement. 

I want to give women the experience of doing something for themselves, challenge themselves and finally show them their true beauty.  A boudoir photoshoot is not only about the final photos to improve confidence, but the steps taken to get there.