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Celebrating the Beauty of Strength

Whether you’re a fitness professional, model, figure competitor, outdoor enthusiast...or you’ve recently completed a life-changing body transformation... celebrate your strength with gorgeous images that showcase every beautifully sculpted muscle and dynamic curve. Martina, Lifestyle Photographer in Las Vegas, can capture your fitness, beauty and strenght in a memorable, personalised shoot.


Inspire your followers, motivate your clients, and celebrate yourself!

Show the world what you can do.

You don’t really need a reason to celebrate living a healthy, active lifestyle because your fitness is it’s own reward. But a fitness lifestyle photoshoot is a great way to document your progress or showcase your achievements, whether you’re a dedicated figure competitor, a dancer or just a motivated fitness enthusiast. Martina has worked with professional athletes, models, personal trainers, dancers and even full-time working moms who have to squeeze their gym visits in between soccer practice and ballet lessons. Regardless of your motivation for working out or method of achieving your goals, reward yourself with gorgeous, professional photos that showcase your results, and the passion and personality behind them.


Illuminate your Outdoor Lifestyle

A life full of passion and adventure deserves to be illuminated. Martina is a master of lifestyle Photography, natural lighting, and an expert in capturing your true essence in outdoor lifestyle portraits. From glistening waves to etherial mountain peaks, from sun kissed desert dunes to shady forest hills, the environment where you play is the perfect, natural backdrop for photos that  showcase your passion and commitment.


You don’t need to be a professional model or athlete because you’re motivated by love for what you do and the natural environments that you do it in, and your body is a beautiful reflection of that. With an outdoor lifestyle photoshoot, Martina will capture your strong, healthy body in action doing what you love.


Martina Zandonella Fotografa di Trieste - Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

About Martina


Born and raised in the beautiful sea-side city of Trieste, Italy, Martina Zandonella has always found inspiration in the natural beauty of the outdoors and the inherent grace of the human form. Influenced by a family and culture rich with artists, Martina strives to create timeless masterpieces for each of her clients through award-winning Lifestyle Portraiture that captures their unique personality and true essence.


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