Passionate Tango Photoshoot in Las Vegas

Tango is passion, connection and pause. It is madness and quietness all at once.

When Alex suggested a Tango photoshoot I immediately wanted to plan it! I danced Argentinian Tango back in Italy and in the UK and I always loved it, so I was excited at prospect of framing the beautiful lines of this dance but also to capture the connection between the dancers, their feeling and their moods. Tango shows so many human emotions is a special language of its own. It is not just a dance, it is also a lifestyle! 

I have included below some of the images from the Tango Photoshoot and some quotes about this wonderful Argentinian dance. 

A big thank you Lupe Martinez at LV dancesport for the amazing studio space and to help us choreograph the photos. If you are in Las Vegas and want to dance either ballroom, latin or other standards, that is the place to go!  They are truly wonderful. 

Dancers: Alex Cigar Dandy and Paranicoledise, Location : LV dancesport, Instructor: Lupe Martinez,  Photographer: Martina Zando Photography


"The beginning and the end of Tango is the walk"
"There is always an element of mystery in the Tango"
"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet" 
"Tango cuts through the barriers of language, gender, age and social differences"


"We dance to seduce ourselves"

"Tango dance is not in your feet, is in your heart"

"Tango is a meditation for two"