Martina Zandonella

I am an Italian photographer based in Las Vegas. I was born and raised in Trieste, Italy. I have loved photography since my childhood and in the past few years I have had the opportunity to become a professional. As a school teacher and outdoors instructor in a previous career, I learnt to value contact with people. I therefore strive to give my clients the best experience possible. 

Portrait photography is something I love! I come from a family of artist so I have always seen the human body in different art forms. With any portrait I can capture the essence of people and important moments in their life. With Boudoir Photography I can help  all women to feel more beautiful and confident in life and create art for them.  

I love the outdoor lifestyle and being in nature, whether I am climbing, skiing or hiking. I enjoy seeing beautiful landscapes, however my true photographic passion are people. I believe in making people feel good about themselves and giving them a positive and fun experience in front of the camera. I want to create something memorable and timeless for them to show in years to come. 

Beside English, I speak fluent Spanish, Italian and intermediate German. I love teaching and I still tutor languages privately in Las Vegas. 


I invite you to come and experience a photoshoot with me! 

    -   Martina -

Photo credit: Taylored Photo Memories, David J Crewe


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